New Interlibrary Loan Code 2016

We have a new code prepared  by the Interlibrary Loan Committee, Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), 1994, revised 2001. Revised by the Codes, Guidelines, and Technical Standards Committee, Sharing and Transforming Access to Resources Section (STARS) 2008 and 2015. Approved by RUSA Board January 11, 2016.

Please take time and look this important document over.

The .PDF can be found here:



Illiad Upgrade Time

blackboard-time-to-upgrade-hand-writes-51278564 The inter-library ordering system will be offline.

Thursday, March 10th starting at 9 AM.  We will update here when we are back up and operational.

Looks like all it well.  Let me know if you have any trouble.

Holiday Mail Stop


Holiday Mail Stoppumpkin_pie
December 4, 2015 – January 4, 2016     

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries Interlibrary Loan Department will stop taking requests for things we do NOT own on November 7.  We will continue processing and mailing items we own until December 4, 2015.  All interlibrary loan activity will cease December 4 and resume January 4, 2016.  Interlibrary loan requests will NOT be filled or referred between the above dates.  Interlibrary loan resumes on January 4, 2016.

Reference Collections Offered by CRLS

Chickasaw Regional (Public) Library System is offering the following reference collections FREE to any interested library:

  • Contemporary Authors V 1-281
  • Something About the Authors V 1-200
  • Contemporary Literary Criticism V 1-267
  • Current Biography 1940-2011

These books are all in excellent condition and are free to any library or person who would like them. They may picked up at the Chickasaw Regional Library System’s library headquarters in Ardmore, or can be shipped if the receiving party will pay the shipping costs. For more information, please contact the Chickasaw Regional Library System by email or phone (580-223-3164).

ILL Requests Received July 14-15

Last Name Total Requests Received  Registered but no activity 07/01/14-06/24/15
Apache Public Library
Allen Public Library 10 Carnegie Public Library
Antlers Public Library 8 Catoosa Public Library
Beaver County Pioneer Library 9 Crescent Community Library
Blackwell Public Library 1 Ethel Briggs Memorial Library
Buffalo Public Library 24 Geary Public Library
Carmen Public Library 2 Grandfield Public Library
Chandler Public Library 16 Hobart Public Library
Chelsea Public Library 69 Hominy Public Library
Cushing Public Library 20 Hydro Public Library
Chandler Watts Memorial Library 48 Kaw City Memorial Library
Drumright Public Library 9 Kellyville Public Library
Elgin Community Library 5 Medford Public Library
Fairfax Public Library 4 Meeker Public Library
Frederick Public library 7 Norman Smith Memorial Library
Garland Smith Public Library 15 Nowata City County Library
Gleason Memorial Library 6 Okemah Public Library
Glover Spencer Memorial Library 5 Pond Creek City Library
Grace Pickens Public Library 40 Talala Public Library
Hennessey Public Library 26 Wetumka Public Library
Henryetta Public Library 107
Hinton Public Library 7
Inola Public Library 52
Kennedy Library of Konawa 5
Langley Public Library 1
Laverne Delphian Public Library 49
Locust Grove Public Library 9
Madill City County Library 42
Margaret Carder Library 16
Maysville Public Library 23
Montfort & Allie B Jones Memorial Librar 26
Mounds Public Library 80
Newkirk Public Library 58
Nora Sparks Warren Memorial Library 51
Okeene Public Library 62
Olive Warner Memorial Library 8
Pawnee Public Library 3
Piedmont Municipal Library 25
Prague Public Library 10
Salina Public Library 5
Sayre Public Library 144
Soutar Memorial Library 1
Stroud Public Library 10
Thomas Wilhite Memorial Library 59
Tonkawa Public Library 60
Tryon Public Library 6
Tyler Memorial Library 1
Vinita Public Library 31
Walters Public Library 32
Watonga Public Library 20
Waurika Public Library 60
Waynoka Public Library 33
Wewoka Public Library 5
Will Rogers Public Library 30
Wynnewood Public Library 22
Yale Public Library 4

Searching Worldcat

About WorldCat and Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Oklahoma Department of Libraries is dedicated to offering you access to the widest possible range of resources. You are now able to search our collection and the collections of many other libraries worldwide using WorldCat, the world’s largest network of library-based content and services.

Our collections come first

Although WorldCat has a global reach, you’ll always see information about our collections and links to our services up front. Everything you need is displayed right within the WorldCat record, including location and availability information for the item, and prominent button links to reserve or request an item or directly view electronic content such as the full text of an article.

You may also see special links to some of our online services just below the WorldCat record, preceded by the phrase “Services from Oklahoma Department of Libraries.” These links are relative to the displayed item, so the linked page will provide a service for the item you’re currently viewing.

We believe you’ll also find these features of the WorldCat interface useful:

  • A “Refine Your Search” box that helps you narrow a large set of results
  • A free WorldCat user account that allows you to create a personal profile; build private and public lists of library items; and contribute reviews and notes to WorldCat records

How to search

Use simple keywords as you would on a Web search site. Try using words from a title; the name of the author, artist or director; or words that describe the subject matter.

Learn more about searching (WorldCat FAQ)

Search results

Your search results will always be presented in this order:

  1. Resources owned by Oklahoma Department of Libraries;
  2. Resources available through our sharing relationships with other libraries, if your library belongs to a group;
  3. Resources owned by all other WorldCat libraries globally.

Results within each of these groups are ordered by relevance. Note that global WorldCat results may include many resources not owned by Oklahoma Department of Libraries. You may be able to obtain these items from a nearby library or through our resource-sharing network—click the “Request Item” button on the WorldCat record.

Want to know more, or need help?

Ask one of our librarians, or check the WorldCat FAQ.

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