Books coming from ODL

Everyone trained is doing awesome. I thought I’d point out a peculiarity to the items you request that ODL owns. These items will be in your View/Resubmit Cancelled Requests button on your Illiad menu page. First ignore the word re-submit . These items will be sent to you by ODL, or there will be a note telling you why we can’t fill an item, or that we placed a hold on an item. You can also check your holds in your ODL library account, View and Renew (not Illiad account).

If you click on one of the transaction numbers and scroll down to the notes field you will see we own the title and we will put in a shipped date. You will NOT get an email, the book will just be shipped from ODL.

You’ll probably receive many books from us over the long haul. We try to purchase new titles that aren’t owned instate, and any title on OCLC with an Oklahoma Department of Libraries holding symbol will come from us.

Keep ordering those books and thanks for all the cooperation as we transistion off OLTN.