Good question about renewals

A good question came up about renewals from Hennessey Public. Because of the way we do referrals we complete the request (automatic received/returned) so the request is completed on OCLC and we can’t then ask for renewals because the request is in returned status.

The reason we do the automatic received/returned is because we have so many libraries we refer for (over 80 libraries) that we can’t know when you actually receive an item or return it. So we skip some steps on OCLC to move the request along for you.  

If however you have borrowed an item from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries you can go in as an ODL patron with your ODL library card number, it starts with a D5300xxxxx and renew any item from us that does not have a hold already on it.

So renewal for Referrals No, Renewals for ODL books Yes.