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Do you know the origins of ice cream, recipes for “frontier food” or an original recipe for pumpkin pie? An amazing website, The Food Timeline  is a great source to answer historic food questions. It is divided into two columns, Beginnings and Recipes which range from 17,000 B.C. to 2009. If you can’t find an answer to a food question, the question can be submitted through the website with a promised turnaround time of 48 hours. Be sure to go all the way to the bottom to “Hungry for More”.


Thanks for the Tasty Tip Ms. Miller.

Good question about renewals

A good question came up about renewals from Hennessey Public. Because of the way we do referrals we complete the request (automatic received/returned) so the request is completed on OCLC and we can’t then ask for renewals because the request is in returned status.

The reason we do the automatic received/returned is because we have so many libraries we refer for (over 80 libraries) that we can’t know when you actually receive an item or return it. So we skip some steps on OCLC to move the request along for you.  

If however you have borrowed an item from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries you can go in as an ODL patron with your ODL library card number, it starts with a D5300xxxxx and renew any item from us that does not have a hold already on it.

So renewal for Referrals No, Renewals for ODL books Yes.

See requests coming from ODL, and more have joined.

We now have   52 public libraries, 12 correctional centers, 2 academic and  5 special libraries trained on Illiad!!

Welcome to all of you.  

Thanks to a question from Okeene Public, it reminded me to show you where your requests that the Oklahoma Dept of Libraries fills will show up in your Illiad menu.

Go to View Your Account

Login with your illiad password and login

Go to the  button VIEW/RESUBMIT CANCELLED REQUESTS  and click and you will see what we have sent you from ODL on Interlibrary Loan.

Why is it behind this button? We have to cancel the request out of Illiad so we can check it out to you from the ODL library. We cancel it so it isn’t left in Illiad for us to refer. I know the wording on the button is a little confusing but it’s built that way for “our patrons” to see we have cancelled a request for an item we own.

I know no one wants to be the first to comment on one of our posts, but really please feel like you can ask any question there or make any comment. This is your site, just like the old OLTN Splash Page but easier for us to talk back and forth.

Email problem ongoing.

As I’m sure you are aware we’re having some problems with our “libraries” email template. We are trying to customize the email for the libraries that will have additional information not going to our ODL patrons. Please bear with us. I have been at ALA, and I think we are going to see some nice changes in ILLiad that will continue to improve our ability to communicate and delivery Interlibrary Loan service.

So again be patient, we know the emails are looking a bit weird.

Important new tips.

In Your Account on Illiad you will see a status of Request Sent. This Request Sent status means we have referred your request on WorldCat.



You will next receive an email letting you know when the item has been shipped. The request will move in your Illiad Account to View Request History and the status will change to Request finished.

1. Request Sent = ODL has referred your request.

2. Email notification that a Lending Library has shipped your request.

3. Request moves to History and Request finished status in Illiad.

For materials ODL owns, you will not get a shipped notice we will  just send the book on to you. You can always check your ODL Library Account and see what is out to you and if we have placed any books on hold. Remember this requires your ODL library card number.

Emails may change, testing for better results.

Bear with us as we adjust some of the emails you will be receiving. We’re trying out several options from the Illiad administrative side to get the best results. Since Illiad actually thinks of you as our patrons (ODLs) it sometimes operates in a way that is different from what we’re used to when we communicate with you as a library.

Feel free to comment on this blog or on any of the posts. We like hearing from you and we’ll try to address any problems.

Books coming from ODL

Everyone trained is doing awesome. I thought I’d point out a peculiarity to the items you request that ODL owns. These items will be in your View/Resubmit Cancelled Requests button on your Illiad menu page. First ignore the word re-submit . These items will be sent to you by ODL, or there will be a note telling you why we can’t fill an item, or that we placed a hold on an item. You can also check your holds in your ODL library account, View and Renew (not Illiad account).

If you click on one of the transaction numbers and scroll down to the notes field you will see we own the title and we will put in a shipped date. You will NOT get an email, the book will just be shipped from ODL.

You’ll probably receive many books from us over the long haul. We try to purchase new titles that aren’t owned instate, and any title on OCLC with an Oklahoma Department of Libraries holding symbol will come from us.

Keep ordering those books and thanks for all the cooperation as we transistion off OLTN.

Illiad training continues…

Just a little update, so far 21 public libraries, 1 institution and 1 academic library have been trained to use Illiad/WorldCat for their Interlibrary Loan. We’ve already received requests from some of these libraries, and hope all of you try it out once you’re trained. Lots of good reading out there for your patrons to get this summer. Also we can borrow many DVDs and audio books for them as well.

Welcome new OK Illiad libraries!

Congratulations! You’ve now been trained on using OK Illiad for your interlibrary loan. In case you forget any of the steps we’ve added  online tutorials for you.  The  links to them are located on the right side of this page and will always be available. For your patrons to search WorldCat please direct them to and they can view all the records in WorldCat. They will need to fill out a form for you to request the item. We have created forms for you to duplicate and give to your patrons. The link to the form page is also located on the right. Only you will be able to login and place the request online, but they can view a user friendly version of WorldCat at

Please feel free to use the comment section to ask any questions or make any comments.

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