Reminder !!!!

Do not respond to system generated emails.

These are not read by a human only a computer. If you have a question about a request please call Melecia at 522-3473 or the contact person who trained you. We think you should give the material two weeks before you worry about it. Sometimes for larger libraries the books don’t actually get put in the mail until after the weekend or it takes them a little longer to actually get it out their door.
Once your interlibrary loan material is shipped, the request will appear in View Request History and will show Request Finished. If ODL is going to fill it, the request will show Cancelled, and we’ll mail it to you.

Steps in Interlibrary Loan process on Illiad
You will next receive an email letting you know when the item has been shipped. The request will move in your Illiad Account to View Request History and the status will change to Request finished.

1. Request Sent = ODL has referred your request.

2. Email notification that a Lending Library has shipped your request.

3. Request moves to History and Request finished status in Illiad.

For materials ODL owns, you will not get a shipped notice we will just send the book on to you. You can always check your ODL Library Account and see what is out to you and if we have placed any books on hold. Remember this requires your ODL library card number.